About Me

Dining in Capri, my favourite place in the world

I love food.

I know; everyone says that. But I truly do have a deep and everlasting love for really great food and memorable dining experiences, wherever in the world I find them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or savoury (in spite of the photos below, I do enjoy more than just sweets!); a local hidden gem or an internationally renowned establishment; a really basic pizzeria or a multiple-starred Michelin restaurant. So long as the food is delicious, the service is courteous and the atmosphere inviting, I’m happy.

However, I know what a good dining experience is – and what isn’t. And since I’m considered quite the discerning diner among my circle, I’ll be writing about my adventures in food here in London where I live (as well as the food on my international travels) so that you, the reader, might be inspired (or forewarned!) the next time you venture out to eat.


Points to note:

  • I don’t eat mushrooms, pickles (or most things pickled), wasabi, or anything excessively spicy, so it’s unlikely those food items will feature on my posts;
  • I do eat just about everything else. I believe each is entitled to own his or her own food choices, but I personally will not be intentionally seeking out vegan, vegetarian, or other food group-limiting establishments. I love food across the whole spectrum too much to do that to myself.
  • As much as I love food, I also like to keep in shape and so I watch my calories when possible. Where I can, I will add approximate calorie values at the end of my reviews.
  • My ratings are on a scale up to 5 and, if I seem harsh, it’s only because those 5 ratings really mean something when I award them!

Thanks for following, and bon appetit!